13 miles off of mainland Rhode Island, often hailed as the Caribbean of the North,

and without traffic lights, chain stores or squirrels,

Block Island is the perfect place to relax!

But there is also lots to do...





-Fine Dining:

Winfield's (our absolute favorite!)



The Spring House (the best spot for lunch!)

The Atlantic Inn

-Casual Dining:

The Beachhead

The Oar

The Poor People's Pub

Three Sisters

The Mohegan


The Channel Marker

-Restaurants offering outdoor dining with water views: 

The Beachhead

Deadeye Dicks

The Springhouse

The Atlantic Inn

The Oar

The National



-Live Music Venues:

Yellow Kittens

Captain Nicks

Mahogany Schoals

 Club Soda

Old Island Pub

-Restaurant Bars:

The Spring House

The National


The Atlantic Inn




- We would be happy to arrange for bike rentals, tours, paddle board rentals, kayak rentals, fishing charter


Ruling Passion Sunset Cruise (highly reccommended!)

Block Island Club 

-Water Sports:

Ocean Adventures

Diamond Blue.

Block Island Parasailing and Water Sports

Pond and Beyond

Aldo's Boat Rentals


Clayhead Preserve

 Rodman's Hollow

 Hodge Family Wildlife Preserve

Mohegan Bluffs

-Fishing Charters: (half day, full day)

BI Fishworks

Hula Charters



Other Block Activities We Love


-Farmer's Market (bi-weekly!)


Koru Eco Spa

Clayhead Salon

Mark's Beachcomber Hair Design


Elevation Studio & Living Foods Cafe

Block Island Yoga 

-Light Houses:

Southeast Lighthouse

 North Light

-Abram's Animal Farm